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Montag, 26.10.2020

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ICS Export
10:00 o clock date: 26.10.2020

Spendenaktion "Rosen für ein Kinderlachen"

Teilnahme durch Landtagspräsidentin Brakebusch
Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg, Leipziger Straße 44, 39120 Magdeburg

16:30 o clock date: 26.10.2020

Landtagspräsidentin überreicht gemeinsam mit Innenminister Stahlknecht die "Sportplakette des Bundespräsidenten" als höchster staatlicher Auszeichnungsveranstaltung für Sportvereine in Sachsen-Anhalt

Ministerium für Inneres und Sport Sachsen-Anhalt, Halberstädter Straße 2/am "Platz des 17. Juni", 39112 Magdeburg

Plenary Session

The committees

Due to the variety of themes and the consequently expertise of the delegates, the State Parliament forms temporary and constant committees out of its members. During this 7th Legislative period the State Parliament has eleven independent committees. Each of them has twelve members, delegated by their fractions. The committees are constructed in such a way, that they are competent for specific areas (i.e. internal or environmental). The majority of the constant committees reflect to the Government or the ministries.

Beratungsraum: Ovaler Tisch mit Stühlen drum herum.
Photo: Landtag

Motions and requests are discussed in the expert committees, after being submitted from the plenum. It is political reality that these professional discussions sometimes take several months. The goal of the committee’s work is the detailed and appropriate treatment of a bill or motion. Even experts are invited for this purpose. At the end of the sessions there is a recommended resolution for the plenum, to find a compromise that is acceptable for the majority.

The committees principally meet non-public. They organize public hearings to enable the interested general public to influence the formation of opinion and to create transparency on the decision’s procedure.

The committees do not only react to draft laws, they also act pro-actively by the right to take up issues on their own. That is why the committees may deal with subjects concerning their expertise, even without the plenum’s special order. However, it is not allowed to create a recommended resolution for the State Parliament this way.

The State Parliament of the 7th legislative period has the following constant committees:

1. Committee on Internal and Sport – President: Mr. Hagen Kohl (AfD)

2. Committee on State Development and Infrastructure – President: Mr. Andreas Mrosek (AfD)

3. Committee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry – President: Mr. Bernhard Daldrup (CDU)

4. Committee on Environment and Energy – President: Mr. Jürgen Barth (SPD)

5. Committee on Federal and European Issues and Media – President: Mr. Ralf Geisthardt (CDU)

6. Committee on Finance – President: Mr. Olaf Meister (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN)

7. Committee on Justice, Constitution and Emancipation – President: Mr. Detlef Gürth (CDU)

8. Committee on Petitions – President: Mrs. Christina Buchheim (DIE LINKE)

9.  Committee  on  Economy,  Science  and  Digitization  –  President:  Mr. Lars-Jörn Zimmer (CDU)

10. Committee on Education and Culture – President: Mr. Thomas Lippmann (DIE LINKE)

11. Committee on Labour, Social issues and Integration – President: Mr. Ulrich Siegmund (AfD)

Furthermore, in the 7th legislative period special committees are the 15th parliamentary investigation committee, as well as the Commission on Inquiry.