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Samstag, 21.09.2019

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ICS Export
10:00 o clock date: 21.09.2019

Berufsfindungsevent HandWerk4You

Grußwort in Vertretung durch Herrn Vizepräsident Willi Mittelstädt auf Einladung der Handwerkskammer Magdeburg
Berufsbildungszentrum der Handwerkskammer Magdeburg, Harzburger Straße 13, 39118 Magdeburg

10:00 o clock date: 21.09.2019

9. Weltkindertag

Grußwort der Landtagspräsidentin als Schirmherrin anlässlich des 9. Weltkindertages auf Einladung des Deutschen Kinderschutzbundes - Kreisverband Börde e.V.
KulturFabrik, Gerikestraße 3A, 39340 Haldensleben

Plenary Session

Additional offers

The State Parliament to read

The State Parliament’s information offers are very diverse. On the homepage brochures, flyers, citizen’s guides and the State Parliament’s magazine “ZwischenRuf” can be downloaded for free (in German) for all visitors.

Link: “Print products of the State Parliament”

Foto-Collage mit verschiedenen Publikationen des Landtags.
Photo: Landtag/Ideengut

Laws and regulations

Like every legislative and public authority, the State Parliament and all its employees must abide by laws and regulations. Furthermore, the State Parliament has its own rules of procedure. All rule collections can be downloaded (in German) in PDF.

Link: “Rechtsgrundlagen”

Parliamentarians in overview

Who is delegated in the State Parliament of Saxony-Anhalt, from which state’s area does he/she come, and in which committees does he/she work? (available in German)

Link: “Abgeordnetenverzeichnis”

The State Government’s homepage

On its own homepage, Saxony-Anhalt’s State Government informs about its works and about the interests of Saxony-Anhalt. This information is also available in English andFrench.

Parliaments in Germany

Germany consists of 16 State Parliaments, the German Parliament “Bundestag” and the Federal Council “Bundesrat”. Please see the links to the relevant internet presences.

Overview: internet presences of other German State Parliaments